It’s the night before the 2012 Turner Prize announcement. Paul Noble has just got back to me saying that he has enjoyed reading the Word document that I sent him a few days ago. He has kindly given permission for his images to be used on a website. Nobtastic!

I’ve had a quick chat with Kate, asking her whether she agrees with me that www.nobsite.co.uk would be the best name for this site. She does not agree, so here we are back at my entry point to this project.

That’s just about it for the first phase of this website, subject to corrections, edits, Paul changing his mind, etc. I plan to add pages on
Nobspital, Nobslum, and more, in due course. For now, here are a few links:

Maureen Paley was Paul Noble’s dealer for much of his career. Her website is:

Paul Noble is represented by the Gagosian Gallery these days:

Information on my various writing projects can be found at: www.duncanmclaren.co.uk But I’ll flag here that the main section of www.enidblyton.me.uk is an exploration of a utopia. I took leave of Enid’s fictional Peterswood - where Fatty and the Find-Outers live - so that I could immerse myself in Nobson Newtown for a week or two. Time I got back there. Though I choose to go via www.strangebundle.co.uk

Update, April 2013. Shortly after finishing this site I embarked on an introduction to George Shaw’s Tile Hill. The result is

Thanks for your attention.